Eco-friendly absorbent compact felt

Perfectly blending trend and elegance, the palette ranges from deep olive-green to a warm, speckled beige recalling the natural golden-white tones of marble, to a bluestone-like colour.
Elegance adds 5 new mineral colours to complete the Slimcolor range.

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The 5 new colours of SlimColor Elégance bring contrast and personality to a space whilst remaining timeless. A selection of new shades of blue, green and beige, join the neutrals and add a more modern and distinctive touch, in line with the trend for more colourful interiors.
This palette is evocative of minerals such as rock and stone. Use SlimColor Elégance to create a cosy, intimate and authentic atmosphere.

The colour palette in detail:
A deep green whose warm, yellow shades are totally chic and addictive. A strong tone which can be used as an allover colour or in contrasting, sophisticated touches.
A very dark navy-blue, perfectly for adding depth and intimacy to both modern and period décor. The “bluestone” shade is a deep and slightly speckled blue recalling the calcareous nature of bluestone.
A tropical-blue that combines the qualities of two cool colours – blue and green – this subtle and dense shade will give your spaces elegance and originality.
The speckled beige is a light and warm shade recalling the mottling on white marble or limestone.

- Environmental :
Product eco-designed using 60% recycled plastic bottles. SCS certified, this solution can be used in green construction programmes such as LEED
- A cost-effective solution
A single decorative product to correct the acoustics.
- An elegant & comfortable look
The felted look and its touch add an additional feeling of comfort

Suitable sectors
These acoustic wallpanels are designed for beautiful spaces:
- Services: meeting and conference rooms, offices, banks, reception areas…
- Hotels: lobbies, lounges or restaurants, seminar rooms…
- Specific-use building: theatres, reception rooms, concert halls, casinos, courtrooms…
- Private : home cinemas, living rooms