Laminated wood on an open-cell absorbent Alpha w = 0.6/0.7 - NRC 0.75

The integrity of a perforated wood panel combined with acoustic performance

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TYPE M - Light maple


TYPE M - Medium oak


TYPE M - Dark walnut


TYPE Dr - Light oak


TYPE Dr - Grey ash



Surface Panel is a new chapter in the Texdecor range of decorative acoustic solutions.

Laminated wood panels are often used as a design material to cover an entire surface, whether walls (cladding) or functional (cupboards, doors or furniture). These require the services of a carpenter. Such panels are mainly decorative, occasionally acoustic.
The uniqueness of the SurfacePanel is to propose decorative, perforated wood panels in lacquered aluminium frames to create beautiful acoustic objects. Ready-to-hang on the wall or suspend from the ceiling, they combine acoustic performance, easy installation and elegant decoration.
The quality of the materials creates a sophisticated acoustic solution for high-traffic areas : water-repellent MDF core, high pressure laminated surface, textured thermo-lacquered frame.

The quality of finish of these panels make them particularly suitable for the following:
Meeting rooms and conference halls – Offices – Entrance areas, hotel lobbies – Reception spaces – Restaurants – Concert halls – Communal area, corridors, restrooms


Panel consisting of a laminated surface available on 6 muted and elegant woodgrains, it is a high-end alternative which rewrite the rules regarding layout whilst offering a new modularity.
Both technically and acoustically performant, the perforations create both shading and light which transforms the surface. Each woodgrain has been selected to suit the grooves or perforations of the laminate. The shaded pattern and the veins of the wood form the personality and the visual intensity of the panel.
With its multitude of shapes, finishes and perforations, Surface Panel provides the possibility to arrange, modulate and combine multiple surface, to mix the materials to create personalised marquetry : graphic looks enhanced by the sophistication of a lacquered frame.

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