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Print'Airpanel Vol.1

The Print’AirPanel collection gives you the opportunity to personalise your acoustic panels using two different methods which can be used together or combined : a catalogue of images created by our designers or your own visuals, printed on the textile cover of our panels.

These decors have been designed to coordinate with the plain “Twist” textile on which they are printed, allowing discrete tonal harmonies or graphic coloured mosaics.


A new edition of the eponymous collection, ELEMENT presents its hammered finish on vinyl in a new colour palette.

A range of warm shades with a subtle sheen which enhances the structure and catches the light.

Metallic overprinting effects refine this plain adding subtle touches of oxidised copper, lin and chrome.

This product coordinates with a modernised interlocking design, muted by a textile mesh.


Oulanka transforms raw materials into contemporary textures. Prints meet imitations and barks become patterns, this is wood as you’ve never seen it before. The Birch, Bark and Kigami lines reflect the essence of their namesakes. In a more artistic vein, the panoramic Marqueterie adds a modern twist to traditional marquetry, toying with colours and shapes.

Oulanka adorns walls with stylish allure, creating a genuine and sophisticated atmosphere.

Bark, light, texture, depth

New color chart

Vinacoustic Dune and EOS collections keep their acoustic properties and see their color chart updated. They are renamed Vinacoustic Dune II and EOS Color.

Colour range revisited for EOS Color : the benchmark in absorbent foams, assembled to a micro-perforated suedette layer
An updated color range, acoustic comfort thanks to an acoustic performance alpha w 0.30, a warm and elegant atmosphere with velvety suede finish.

AirPanel Totems

Designed to create bright and comfortable interiors

AirPanel acoustic panels are made of an open-cell absorbent and a metal frame covered with an anechoic fabric cover.
Structure your space, create new functional and modular zones. Energise your environment with the colours, volumes and perspectives of AirPanel totems!

Recommended for areas where noise pollution must be controlled, AirPanel totems are very effective in reducing reverberations to improve comfort.

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