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SlimWall Lines

Recognised as a decorating essential and inspired by acoustic panels of wooden battens, this rectilinear pattern has withstood the years and the seasons, retaining its timeless appeal but always in step with the present. This collection is like a game with horizontal and vertical lines, cast like a shadows. The bi-coloured lines energise your wall surfaces and ceilings with their contrasting colours.

Slimpanel, also a decorative illuminated object

SlimPanel is not only an acoustic panel, it is also a decorative illuminated object. Each format has been designed to create an optical halo phenomenon produced by the diffusion of bands of light giving the
appearance of volume to the panel or the structure.
Integrated into a wall Concept, a functional SlimPanel becomes a decorative object that defines the space.
In an îlot suspended from the ceiling or a wall panel, the backlighting creates a soft and diffused indirect light


The Goni vinyl wallcovering collection creates a naturally warm ambiance for your interior. Directly inspired by Indian hessian, this authentic material is both natural and functional.

This decor explores the subtle and varied shading of woven plant fibres.

Available in 21 coordinated colours, in a colour palette with dusky shades for a soft and bright atmosphere, lifted by intense shades for a warmer and more daring ambiance.
This cloth with ancient origins has been printed with an almost translucent graphic design


Weave of abaca plant fibres : Crafted cladding, shaded colours

The decors in the Matière collection are directly inspired by fine and classic materials, creating elegant and timeless interiors. Combined with all the advantages of a large-width, compact vinyl wallcovering.

A variety of Manila hemp, inosa is grown for its leaves and stems, in the Indonesian textile tradition.

The Inosa collection explores this weaving with subtly mixed shades, revealing the colour pigments of the woven fibres.

Vinacoustic Melia

Inspired by warm upholstery textiles and authentic vegetal weaves, Melia interprets 2 new woven effects combining the softness and comfort of the

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