Functional, decorative solutions to fit out public buildings
Wallcoverings - acoustic panels

Customer service

Respecting deadlines and commitments, and providing information and advice. Whether you are a company or an individual, this is what you expect from your supplier when carrying out a project.
Since the creation of the company, Texdecor has founded its’ growth on the will to remain close to their customers, nd the practical reality of building sites.
The pole position in our simple and human-sized organisation is a sales force and a project manager who is close to you. These people are your number one contacts for all sales and technical questions. Their reactivity and professional approach are entirely dedicated to your needs. Please call us and we will give you the details of your local project manager.
The next part of our organisation involves a team that is responsible for following up your orders. Their main role is to make sure that your orders are delivered with full respect to your expectations and our commitments. In addition to this role, this team can also help out with questions relating to technical, sales or administrative issues.

The last part of our organisation plays the role of listening, guiding and organising – it includes the main product, sales and general departments.
These three poles are specifically attached to the Texdecor brand. There are also general services, made up of staff who are specialised in the following domains: logistics, creation, human resources, finance, I.T., purchasing and production. These people are also at your service and help us to achieve our goal: Having a customer service that is at the height of your expectations.

Creativeness and innovation

You would like to decorate the inside of your buildings, to create a pleasant working atmosphere or a warm feeling in public buildings, enhance comfort, serenity, or be dynamic and tonic? Texdecor has a wide range of materials and colours, with both high-tech and stylish solutions.

In our range you will surely find beautiful products, but there are also structures, materials, and new and original effects that will enable your project to be unique. We want you to be able to customise your projects.
Each collection has a unique colour range, with a full and wide range of shades that go in harmony with the mood that is created. Warm colours, bright colours, tonic colours or Mediterranean colours, in the pure tradition of Texdecor’s style, and also fresh and natural colours, light colours and colours to suit the latest trends. With Texdecor, colours will no longer be a problem to solve!
Earth, water, fire and air – these are the colours that Texdecor has to offer!

From a technical point of view, Texdecor also works with an innovative approach. With considerable experience in acoustics, we launched the Vinacoustic range in 2005, following two years of research and development. The results are outstanding: stylish wall coverings, real acoustic properties, easy to look after, shock resistant, long-lasting even in situations of intensive use, and easy to apply. A real revolution in the field of acoustic wall coverings.


You need technical help in starting your project? We do not substitute ourselves to decoration companies with professional decorators. These companies know how to prepare the surfaces to be covered and ensure that the right conditions are met. It is, however, important to know that our coverings, and in particular the acoustic range, have specific requirements that need to be met in order to achieve optimal results. We are here to help you and to make sure that the decoration companies have the right information and know right way of applying the coverings.
It is important to note that all technical specifications are clearly stated in the instructions that are provided with each roll. Moreover, the ease of application and long-term reliability of the covering are criteria of the utmost importance in our specifications when developing new products. This is our way of guaranteeing the long life of our products and the success of your projects.

We apply the same level of professionalism when we have our coverings tested and certified. Fire resistance, stability to light and of course acoustic performance levels. Our acoustic products meet current French and European standards and are tested by certified laboratories.