Functional, decorative solutions to fit out public buildings
Wallcoverings - acoustic panels

Designed to create bright and comfortable interiors

AirPanel acoustic panels are made of an open-cell absorbent and a metal frame covered with an anechoic fabric cover.
Structure your space, create new functional and modular zones. Energise your environment with the colours, volumes and perspectives of AirPanel totems!

Recommended for areas where noise pollution must be controlled, AirPanel totems are very effective in reducing reverberations to improve comfort. Composed of an acoustic absorber, a perforated metal structure covered with a transsonic fabric mounted on a mobile base, the totem panels can be placed on the ground freely and easily.
The AirPanel totem is a contemporary version of the modular room divider, with decoration and acoustic properties : to be placed individually or in a connectable group, the combination of the multiple shapes and dimensions of the bases suggests that different functional spaces, closed or semi-closed, can be composed in an infinite number of ways. The rotation mechanism of the base allows you to open or close the space according to the level of privacy required, while guaranteeing acoustic comfort.

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