All Texdecor products are:

- Certified VOC A+
This means that the volatile organic compounds have been measured and that the products have received the highest A+ rating, helping to ensure cleaner air.

- Compliant with Reach régulations

- CE marked. They also meet European standards.

- Printed using water-based ink.

- Most of our products follow an HEQ® approach. This is a voluntary initiative that requires manufacturers to publish an Environment and Health Declaration, based on the requirements of the NF P01-010 standard, to provide objective measurements of the environmental impacts. You can read our Environment and Health Declaration file by contacting our customer service.

- The Environment and Health Declaration also measures product life cycles. This is the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire lifetime, from manufacture, delivery, installation, maintenance and destruction of the product at the end of its life.

Our company

All our sales materials are printed on PEFC-certified paper, sourced from managed forests and printed under the Imprim’vert label.

Our internet site is equipped with all our brochures and sales documents in order to limit the printing and sending of brochures, as these consume more resources.
For the same reason, by using computerised, non-paper means, our customer service department has reduced its paper consumption by 30 to 40% per year. The IT department has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by reducing electricity consumption.