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Application markets

Fully attentive to the needs of influencers and project owners, Texdecor's product & style teams design unique quality products and create their style according to the functionality and ambience sought in the different spaces of the following establishments which welcome the public: open space, meeting room, reception hall, restaurant, hotel lobby or corridor, communal areas of public housing, conference or concert hall, reception areas, school premises or health buildings.

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Functional and decorative solutions

Acoustic 0.3 - Workspaces

Acoustic 0.7 - Workspaces

Hotel restaurant

Acoustic comfort and regulations

To understand the functioning and performance of the acoustic foams of wall coverings or panels, differentiate between sound insulation and absorption, and know how to correct the acoustics of your space to make it comfortable and compliant with the acoustic regulations, here are some practical documents that provide an overview.

Acoustic comfort

Acoustic test per wallcovering


Check out here what we’re doing to promote sustainable development:
- Eco-innovation of phthalate-free vinyls
- Environmental management of production thanks to ISO 14001 certification
- Printing inks and protective varnishes which are water-based, solvent-free
- Very low emission of VOC A+
- Environmental and health declaration sheets available by quality - EHDS
- CSR corporate approach

Phthalate free vinyl

Collection brochures

Classified by range and date of sale, discover all the sales brochures for the technical and decorative solutions of the Texdecor range.

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 Acoustic 0.3

Soft 2

Vinacoustic Linen

Acoustic & decorative wallcoverings

Signature Eternity

Eos Color 2

Polyform Eos 2

Polyform Vinacoustic II

Signature Wood

EOS Color


Polyform Vinacoustic

Vinacoustic Abaca II

Vinacoustic Katsura

Vinacoustic Katsura Reflect

Vinacoustic Dune

Vinacoustic Urban

Vinacoustic Tivoli

Quickmousse Tweed

Quickmousse City II

Quickmousse Montana

Quickmousse Cubik

Quickmousse Nomad II

 Acoustic 0.7

Slimpanel, technical information


AirPanel 1 face

AirPanel 2 Sided

Inspirations 1

Textile Twist 2

Print AirPanel Images Vol.1

Surface Panel Vol. 1 - Wood

AirPanel Totem

AirPanel Lighting Selection

Print AirPanel Images Vol.2











Element 2




Wall for me

Digital Essential

Digital Acoustic

Digital Print AirPanel

Digital Sublime