Vinylized foam on a non-woven backing

Tweed adds to the range of QuickMousse acoustic wallcoverings with its first textile decor

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Quickmousse TWEED gris 1

TWEE 91451118

Quickmousse TWEED gris 2

TWEE 91451157

Quickmousse TWEED gris 3

TWEE 91451162

Quickmousse TWEED bleu 1

TWEE 91450598

Quickmousse TWEED taupe 1

TWEE 91450126

Quickmousse TWEED taupe 2

TWEE 91451055

Quickmousse TWEED taupe 3

TWEE 91451043

Quickmousse TWEED violet 1

TWEE 91450973

Quickmousse TWEED orange 1

TWEE 91450739

Quickmousse TWEED beige 1

TWEE 91450234

Quickmousse TWEED beige 2

TWEE 91450251

Quickmousse TWEED vert 1

TWEE 91450492

Quickmousse TWEED jaune 2

TWEE 91450344

Quickmousse TWEED jaune 1

TWEE 91450375

C-s2, d0


Washable and scrubbable

No pattern match

Adhesive on wall


αw 0.15 / NRC 0.1

Covers imperfections

4 designs are already available in this quality : City, Nomad, Cubik and Montana.

Tweed adds to the range of QuickMousse acoustic wallcoverings with its first textile decor :
This texture has a strong weave with a wide weft and a soft touch. The appearance of this textile is enhanced by its well-balanced structure which catches the light, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

The collection is available in a selection of muted shades complemented by stronger pigments, evocative of the luminous intensity of ochre. The natural shades have been worked in harmony with the matte finish of the wallcovering.

Thanks to its texture and its colour palette, Tweed is another practical proposition, suitable for all types of spaces, communal areas and private rooms, for your peace of mind.

Benefits – Technical details
1mm thick acoustic vinyl foam on a non-woven base

Improves acoustic comfort
αw 0.15, particularly adapted to meet acoustic standards (NRA = “Nouvelle règlementation acoustique”) in the communal areas of residential buildings, hotels or offices.

106cm width makes it easy to prepare and hang.
No pattern match
Good coverage
The depth and structure of the wallcovering simplifies the preparation necessary for the walls, especially in renovation projects (the backing has been designed to be slightly more rigid than existing foam)

Mass-dyed PVC wallcovering for all colour options / easy to double cut

Washable - scrubbable

Green credentials
ISO 14001 production site (environmental management system)
< Eco-innovation : phthalate-free PVC
Printed using solvent-free inks
A+ VOC emissions (very low)
With its alpha absorption w 0.15, QuickMousse is an ideal wallcovering to correct the acoustics in communal areas to guarantee that they meet the NRA standards (“Nouvelle règlementation acoustique”).
The different designs and their many benefits make this acoustic wallcovering an ideal choice for the following uses : residential, hotels, restaurants, offices, public buildings, retirement homes.